Systems & Settings

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Sharing & Control

Most of us are used to the basic functions of left-clicking on a mouse and track-pad, but ensuring that children know how to select, drag and drop are essential control tools when playing online.  Some games are easier to control and play if you're using a mouse.   If not, we recommend children play the 'This is Sand game' to practice getting used to the controls while using a track-pad or tablet.   And do make sure you click the correct settings on your online platform to allow your child to share their screen or control my screen remotely.  

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Laptops & tablets

These activities can be played on a tablet or a device that uses a tracker pad.  We recommend using a tablet or laptop instead of a mobile phone.  

Virtual Reality Device

VR Viewers

We use VR games which can be viewed in lots of ways.  Some use a VR (cardboard) viewer or a head set which holds a VR enabled smartphone.  Other games need a head mounted display (HMD) such as an Oculus Quest.   To view content in AR you'll need a portable device (eg. smartphone or table) which is AR enabled.  We limit access to VR to 15 minutes and additional parental permission and device settings are required.

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Online Platform

We use Zoom for most of our online sessions.  Limitations may apply to other online platforms.  Check first to see if the platform you wish to use is able to support the activity.

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Operating Systems

Some activities and games are only available for specific operating systems and devices (eg. Android, Windows or Apple). You might need to choose another activity if your device does not support the game you've chosen.

Game Controller

Video Games Setup

Special account and security settings are required before we can play video games together online. If it is not possible to play the exact game you like, we will find a way to adapt an activity to help you share and explore using specific characters and themes that matter to you.

Contact us to talk about your child's device for therapy or safety online.

Lesley Simpson-Gray