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Our Courses

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Spring 2022

Modular Courses

Modular courses are a great way to get an overview on specific applications or interventions.  Ask questions and consider your choices before you invest in new technology, or introduce new techniques into your practice.  

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Summer 2022

Cyber-Creative Developer

Nurture your passion for cyber-creativity with a regular burst of fresh ideas and resources.  Stay connected to an active online community and see your confidence grow month by month.   

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Spring 2022

Cyber Creative Confidence Challenge

Focussed commitment to developing basic skills and methods to practice creatively online.  Kick-start your confidence working with images and creative arts and engage with your clients in simple, playful ways.     

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Summer 2022

X Reality Confidence Challenge

Blend your tools and skills to extend your creative limits.  Discover simple, effective ways to create immersive experiences using augmented reality, virtual reality and animation and watch your client's imagination come to life.  

What's included