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Our Courses

Summer 2021

Modular Courses

Modular courses are a great way to get an overview on specific applications or interventions.  Ask questions and consider your choices before you invest in new technology, or introduce new techniques into your practice.  

Summer 2021

Cyber-Creative Developer

Nurture your passion for cyber-creativity with a regular burst of fresh ideas and resources.  Stay connected to an active online community and see your confidence grow month by month.   

Summer 2021

Cyber Creative Confidence Challenge

Focussed commitment to developing basic skills and methods to practice creatively online.  Kick-start your confidence working with images and creative arts and engage with your clients in simple, playful ways.     

Autumn 2021

X Reality Confidence Challenge

Blend your tools and skills to extend your creative limits.  Discover simple, effective ways to create immersive experiences using augmented reality, virtual reality and animation and watch your client's imagination come to life.  

What's included


Accountability Group

Connect with a peer-group of cyber-creatives.  Share the buzz of new ideas, be accountable and get involved.  


Creativity Hub

Dedicate regular time to develop new ideas, plan and practice new ideas and prepare for change.  


Connecting through self-reflection

Feel grounded and supported as you focus on your experience and learning journey, then feel super-proud of what you've achieved. 


Dedicated App

Flexible ways to access, review, and engage with the dedicated learning materials.  


Activity Checklists

Build your confidence and take the stress out of holding all the thinking in mind, so that you can make space to be creative


Live Updates

Connect in real-time and get the latest updates and  'Ask Me Anything' sessions to get the most from your course.

  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    Develop confidence and skills as you go
    Valid for 12 months
    • Monthly Creativity Hub Q & A
    • 12 month access to Cyber Creative App
    • Exclusive Community via the App
    • Discount on modular training courses offered that month
  • Confidence Challenge

    Establish key skills to connect to your creative core
    Valid for 3 months
    • Fortnightly Creativity Hub
    • 1:1 support
    • 4 month access to Cyber Creative App and Videos
    • Live Updates
    • Exclusive Community via the app
    • Checklists and planning for success
    • Cyber Creativity Guide and Planner
  • X Reality Challenge

    Add exciting new perspectives to your online work
    Valid for 3 months
    • Fortnightly Creativity Hub
    • 4 month access to Cyber Creative App and Videos
    • Exclusive Community via the App
    • 1:1 Support
    • Cyber Creative Guide and X Reality Planner

What our Trainees Say


I felt overwhelmed...I hate all things 'techy' but once I started with the tasks I was so impressed with myself.  Lesley was an amazing teacher and facilitator, not only approachable and knowledgeable but also very kind in the way she approached us fearful 'technological dinosaurs'.  It was definitely worth the money.

Dhaki, Psychotherapist | MA MBACP


"The app was easy to use and everything was in bite- sized chunks"

Nichola M

Educational Mental

Health Support 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I access the videos?

How do I access the course material?  

Do I need a social media account to access the support group?

What happens if I can't get to the Creativity Hub meetings?

Do I need special equipment and apps to do this learning?

Will this stuff work on my pc / ipad / phone / laptop / desktop?

What if I can't understand something, or can't keep up?

You can access the videos via the app for as long as you're a member on an active programme.   At the end of my shorter programmes, you get to try monthly membership FREE for a month, which extends access for a month after you complete your learning.   

Sometimes life online can feel too connected!  That's why we keep your private community totally private on our app.  It's great if you want to keep your professional or private social media profile separate from your learning.  

Just let me know if you can't attend a Hub meeting, so I know you're OK and I can maybe arrange a 1:1 to help you catch up.  We record the Hub meetings for everyone, so you'll get a chance to review what we've covered.

Although I use apps throughout my training, I always try to start with the generic software and apps on your device, to show you the tips and techniques that enable you to creatively develop interventions for FREE.  I'll always let you know if you need to use a specific app, and if you'll need to upgrade to a version that is not free. 

You can access everything you need on the app.  That way, you can have a window open and have the learning material sitting alongside you, or review your learning even when you're not at your desk.  

The courses are designed for Mac / iOS users, but most of the features, tips and techniques will also work on a windows pc.  Just let me know if there's something that looks or works differently in the version of the software or the device you're using.  There's always more than one way to be creative and use online tools, and you might need to do a little bit of searching for specific solutions to match your needs.  

There's so much that can hinder us when we're learning new skills as a mature professional.  Dyslexia and neuodiversity make it hard for me to learn in some formats and settings, and sometimes, anxiety can cause me to feel frozen and stuck.  If you're struggling you're definitely not alone, just let me know what works (or doesn't work) for you, and let's make sure you have the chance to be your  best creative self! 

If I pay for a monthly membership, do I have to pay again to do a modular course?

If you spot a course you'd like to do, that I'm not offering that month on the app, just get in touch and I'll send you a discount code.  It's important to do that before you purchase as refunds cannot be offered on modular courses purchased at the full price.  

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Lesley Simpson-Gray