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I completed my training at the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education; I hold an MA in Integrative Child Psychotherapy and Postgraduate Diplomas in the Therapeutic Application of the Arts and and Therapeutic Life Story Work.  From my base in Buckingham, I provide psychotherapy services in primary and secondary schools across Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.  I also have experience as an independendent advocate, working in adolescent psychiatric units and medium secure forensic inpatient wards in London.  I am a supportive, accepting, listening ear for children, young people and adults suffering from a wide range of psychological difficulties.

As a child psychotherapist, I integrate theories and concepts around developmental play, helping me to think about the complexities that leave children and young people feeling overwhelmed. I am also passionate about the adverse life  experiences that shape children's ability to form good attachments, leaving their internal and external resources unable to cope. 

I use creative ways to give children a space, voice and language through play.  For many families, therapeutic play is often the first step towards everyone getting the support they need.


  • I have completed a recognised programme of training and am qualified to use the title 'Child Psychotherapist'

  • I adhere to professional standards

  • There is an independent complaints procedure

  • I have completed a recognised programme of training to achieve the competencies to work online

  • I am and qualified to use the title 'Certified Cyber Therapist'

  • I have regular, independent supervision

  • DBS Certificate

  • Personal Idemnity Insurance

  • GDPR and Safeguarding Training

  • Information Comissioner's Office (ICO) Registration

  • Privacy4  Data Protection Aware

Quality Time

Changing values and expectations

We provide a weekly session, and more....

  • Find the best time and 'place' for me to meet with your child, either at school or online at home.  No more traveling to a clinic and disruptions to everyone's day.

  • 1 weekly scheduled session of 'real-time' therapeutic play.  Children can choose to use video-call, chat/text or phone for their session*

  • PLUS  2 therapy emails per week or 2 text-based conversations to share feelings, important news and therapy images that children may want to bring to their sessions.*

  • Children working online get to show me their world, their games, and the things that matter to them – giving more equality to the therapeutic relationship*

* Online sessions only - get in touch for more information

"Creating accessible spaces

for therapy" 

Babysitter Selfie

Integrate and communicate

We use technology to help everyone connect, and support the therapy work...


  • We can stay in touch so that the therapy can inform staff at schools, and the wider professional network supporting your family. 

  • Speak to us outside of your child's session.  We include one hour of support every month by email, phone or text for parents or professionals to discuss interim reports, or issues that arise between sessions. 



"Joined-up thinking and therapy, supporting the way we live" 


Schools are facing their greatest challenge to help anxious, stressed children and their families returning to education.  Children will need different levels of help depending on their needs. 


We can help you to devise informed, socially-distant activities to help children feel safe in school.  Our range of help covers activities for whole-school, individual classes or specific children who need focussesd emotional support where they are


Our specially selected online links and resources can help you to turn 'social distance' into safe, fun spaces in school. 


Download the trauma-informed resources pack or find out how to make  therapeutic play an integral part of your school recovery programme

Local Authorities

I provide services for child psychotherapy and therapeutic life story work for post- order adoption teams and looked after child (LAC) teams in local authorities.  My work supports vulnerable children in temporary and permanent placements, helping families where traumatic behaviours present a risk to breakdown. 


Family life in lock-down comes with pressures which can stretch everyone's physical and mental resources. 

Our support for parents comes at 3 levels to suit your needs: 

Worried about your child's transition to a new school?  Download helpful support here


Therapeutic Play


Therapeutic Life Story Work


My framework as a Therapeutic Life Story Worker is underpinned by attachment theory and its impact on our key relationships; psychodynamic theory on how our past shapes our present and future lives, and humanistic theory encompassing the need for acceptance of others and ourselves. 

My training as a psychotherapist, and intensive personal psychotherapy has helped me to think about the gaps in my own life-story as a care-leaver.  I have personal empathy and insight to the challenges faced by children and young people who are separated from their family of origin and battle to gain a sense of self.

As an adoptive parent, I have first hand experience of the impact of ineffective life-story work and this has reinforced my decision to inorporate Richard Rose’s evidence-based model of Life Story Work (Rose, 2012) into my therpapeutic practice.  As a qualified practitioner, I now specialise in helping families where children and young people struggle to find their place in the world or where complex, challenging and unsafe behaviour places families at risk of breakdown.


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