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Therapeutic Play



Finding creative, immersive ways to explore your feelings

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Therapeutic Play
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About Us 


My Training

Online creative arts for

  • I have completed a recognised programme of training and am qualified to use the title 'Child Psychotherapist'

  • I adhere to professional standards

  • There is an independent complaints procedure

  • I have completed a recognised programme of training to achieve the competencies to work online

  • I am qualified to use the title 'Certified Cyber Therapist'

  • I have regular, independent supervision which matches my specialism

  • MA Integrative Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy (IATE)

  • Dip Therapeutic Application of the Arts (IATE)

  • Diploma Therapeutic Life Story Work

  • Certificate in Cyber Psychotherapy

  • Diploma Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy



I charge £70 for a standard session lasting 50 minutes.  A separate charging scale applies for interventions commissioned by local authorities, or for interventions approved and funded under the Adoption Support Fund.  Fees are reviewed annually and when applicable, new rates apply from 1st April.

My Credentials

Guiding Principles


I am a member of the professional networks listed below, all of which guide, regulate and support my work as a psychotherapist.  Please do not hesitate to ask if you need to inspect the following documents at any time:

  • DBS Certificate

  • Personal Idemnity Insurance

  • GDPR and Safeguarding Training

  • Information Comissioner's Office (ICO) Registration

  • Privacy4  Data Protection Aware

My Values

How do I work?


I value the expressive capacity that we get from  connecting using a mixture of virtual, and augmented  reality, online art, games, images, animation, characters, stories and music and the ability for children and young people to connect  in ways that are meaningful and culturally relevant.  In my practice, our aim is to learn more about ourselves and find safe, playful ways online to express our feelings.   

Sometimes, children and young people use unhealthy ways to express a range of emotions.  Behaviours like anger, anger,  anxiety, depression, sensory needs, attachment needs are sometimes their way of bringing our attention to developmental needs, adverse experiences, trauma, bereavement, loss, and many ways of dealing with life when it feels overwhelming.  

I actively support and promote equality and diversity and accessibility in therapy.  By working online I can reduce the time and cost of commuting and provide better value for clients and commissioners.  I value my role in caring for our environment and I actively provide a variety of session times to meet the needs of working families.  


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Our Clients

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Our Clients
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Schools & families

Therapeutic Play

Family life comes with pressures which can stretch everyone's physical and mental resources.  Worried about your child, let's discuss how therapeutic play and parental support can help

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Local Authorities

Commissioned Therapy Services

Therapeutic play and Life Story Work can support vulnerable children where traumatic behaviours become a risk to family life and  placement breakdown

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Cyber Creative Confidence

Supporting professionals to feel 'tech-savvy' and confident, and engage creatively online with  clients, without the need to be a 'gamer' or have complex gadgets